Being green in the big blue: sustainable alternatives for your swimwear
Being green in the big blue: sustainable alternatives for your swimwear

Being green in the big blue: sustainable alternatives for your swimwear

Whilst we all have a love for fashion, it is an unfortunate reality that the industry is the second most polluting in the world, with a staggering £148 million worth of clothing ending up in landfills every year. At BAÍAH, we consider preserving the natural climate of utmost importance and a cause we want to positively impact. We all have a responsibility to protect and respect our oceans, beaches and forests. We recognize that here at BAÍAH we have the power to create real change and be innovative leaders in the advocacy for better sustainability practices within the luxury fashion industry. One important way to reduce our carbon footprint is to implement sustainable alternative materials within our collections. There has never been a more creative time for alternative materials within the industry, with designers collaborating with scientists to create vegan leather derived from mushrooms, silk formed from orange fibre and water-based PU leather. We want to be a driving force in the push for sustainable materials, especially within swimwear which is historically constructed using unsustainable materials such as nylon or polyester blends. This is why all of our swimwear is crafted using Oeko-tex-certified Italian 390 VITA, a sustainable techno-fabric made of an ECONYL® regenerated Nylon. Not only is VITA far more sustainable, but it is also twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than competitors’ fabrics such as nylon or polyester blends. Here are some of the best alternative sustainable materials currently on the market that you should look out for when shopping for your next luxury escape.

econyl material for swimsuitseconyl sustainable swimwear made from ocean waste


Econyl is an Italian product created using waste from landfills and oceans from around the world which primarily consists of nylon waste products such as clothing, carpets, and discarded fishing nets. It is one of the most popular sustainable materials to use for luxury swimwear as it is highly resistant to chlorine and lotions such as sunblock as we mentioned earlier, but it is also gaining popularity in the activewear sector due to its quick drying capabilities. What makes Econyl even more beneficial for the environment is that it can also be continuously recycled and remade whilst always maintaining the same quality as brand-new nylon. Whilst Econyl is a fantastic fabric to use to reduce plastic pollution and repurpose waste products, it is important to note that the material is still plastic based. This is why we highly recommend hand washing all your Econyl products as this will not only increase the longevity of your swimwear but also limit your impact on the biosphere as micro-plastics can infiltrate water systems when used in a washing machine.

repreve material from 100% recycled plastic


Derived from 100% recycled plastic, mostly bottles, Repreve is a sustainable performance fibre which means that it is engineered to be exceptionally resistant to heat or chemicals, or extremely durable. This makes the fabric ideal for swimwear and activewear as it can be both warming or cooling, water repellent and also has a UV protection of factor 50, perfect for summertime surfers or noon joggers. The company that produces Repreve, Unifi, has implemented their own tracking technology that verifies the recycled content of its source material to ensure they are creating a product that is as eco-friendly as possible, without any greenwashing. To date, Unifi claims to have recycled over 20 billion plastic bottles into Repreve with plans of doubling this figure by 2035. What makes this product so desirable to any sustainably conscious shopper is that the production process requires less water, energy and petroleum, which means a smaller impact on the environment without compromising on quality. 

amni soul eco recycled fabricamni soul recyclable materialbottles recycled to make amni soul material

Whereas most sustainable fabrics are created using recycled waste materials, Amni Soul Eco is a completely biodegradable yarn product, meaning no plastic present! The yarn is designed to biodegrade quickly in landfills by encouraging bacteria to consume the waste material which accelerates the biodegradation process. This process usually takes around five years, whilst similar fibres can take decades to decompose. Once in the landfill Amni Soul Eco eventually breaks down into organic matter which can then be repurposed as an environmental resource as well as even generate electricity. Amni Soul Eco is also just as strong as regular yarn, it is exceptionally soft, contains moisture absorption properties and is very breathable with the added benefit of being eco-friendly which makes it an ideal fabric for swimwear and lingerie, but can also be used as a denim substitute for jeans.

crashing waves against rocksblack hemp swimwear on model


Despite its natural origins, hemp is one of the strongest and most sustainable fabrics to use for swimwear with the added advantage of being UV-resistant. Not only will hemp protect you from the sun’s rays, but it also naturally repels pests and contains anti-microbial properties, meaning it stops the growth of any nasty microorganisms. Because of this, hemp does not need to be treated with any harsh chemicals like other materials do, so your clothes will not leak any chemical toxins onto your skin or into the water if you are swimming. This greatly improves our ecosystems as it protects water supplies from contamination. Additionally, products made from hemp don’t release any microplastics like their polyester or nylon-derived alternatives which are very harmful to the natural environment. Because of all its inherent benefits to both the health of humans and the planet, hemp can be more expensive in some countries compared to other sustainable fabrics. However, the hemp wave is washing over the fashion industry with brands such as Patagonia, Levi’s and Toast experimenting with the sustainable material with products already on the market.

flowers silhouetted against hemp material

The luxury fashion industry is in a critical moment where innovators and leaders are starting to think critically about the impact their products and production processes have on the natural world. Whilst we all have much more work to do, buying clothes that have been designed ethically with the protection of our precious and delicate environment in mind is a great first step we can all take in reducing our carbon footprint. No one wants to step onto a littered beach when venturing on their next luxury escape. BAÍAH believes in full transparency and honesty which is why we have a dedicated page where we discuss our sustainability practices. To read how we are doing our part in protecting the planet, click here.

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